winter semi-shade perennials


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NuLeaf Nursery Summer 2021 Garden Nursery Catalogue

Aquilegia McKana’s Giants

Columbine – Enchanting and easy to grow

McKana’s Giants is an older, open pollinated strain of Aquilegias. Although still a delightful mix, the plants will vary greatly in height, flower size and colours. They will perform best when they have come through a period of cold, so if planted in summer they may only bloom well the following spring.

Mixed colours.

Height: 35-45cm – Spread: 35cm

F1 Aquilegia

Columbine – a collection of Songbird and Swan

Careful hybridising has produced Aquilegias that bear very large flowers over a much longer period, on plants that are robust and vigorous. Remember: Aquilegias need a period of cold weather in order to flower successfully in spring. The wise gardener will therefore plant Aquilegias in autumn.

Height: 35-45cm – Spread: 35cm

Colours: Burgundy and White, Dark Blue and White, Lavender and White, Light Blue and White, Pure White, Pink and White, Violet and White, Total Mixed, Red and White, Pure Yellow


Sutera – perfect for spreading growth  

Bacopa is a trailing and spreading plant covered with masses of small flowers in lovely clear colours. Suitable for baskets, containers, rockeries or the odd awkward corner. Indigenous.

Height: 15-20cm – Spread: extensive

Colours: White, Blue, Pink, Violet

Bergenia Cordifolia


An extremely hardy and tough, clump- forming perennial for shady areas.

Fascinating to see the large leaves get their autumn colours in winter, this is followed in spring by spikes of bright rose-pink flowers.

Height: 25cm – Spread: 20cm

Erigeron Karvinskianus


Useful and ‘tough as nails’ groundcover. Will grow anywhere and everywhere…It does need to be controlled!

Height: 20-30cm – Spread: extensive

Lamium Maculatum

Beautiful silver coloured leaves

The delicate looking plants are actually very tough and tolerant of dry shady areas once established, which makes them invaluable in the garden. The flowers are borne on and off throughout summer.

Height: 25cm – Spread: 20-25cm

Colours: White Nancy (White flowers), Pink Pewter (Pale Pink flowers), Beacon Silver (Pink Flowers)


Northern Lights – a new variety of Pentas

A new variety of Pentas with masses of pale lavender, star-shaped flowers in large umbels produced continuously on the plants throughout the season.

These are excellent as a background plant, in borders and in large containers. Grows best in areas with morning sun and some late afternoon shade, otherwise they are generally unfussy.

Height: 50-60cm – Spread: 30cm

Zantedeschia Aethiopica

Arum Lily – perfect for bog gardens  

A much loved indigenous perennial with white flowers in summer.

Evergreen in warm areas, but semi-deciduous in cold gardens. Multiplies to become a large clump. Requires lots of water and can grow in bog gardens.

Height: 80cm – Spread: multiplies to become a large clump.


sun__cloud_logoLIGHT SHADE: It occurs under large open-branched trees and consists of areas that receive soft, dappled shade for most of the day. There is no direct sunshine, but plenty of light. This is the easiest of the shady areas to garden.

sun__cloud_logoSEMI-SHADE or PARTIAL SHADE: These are defined as those areas of the garden which receive some sun and some shade during the day. This is easy if the plants get morning sun and afternoon shade. Less easy is a spot in the garden that receives a patch of sun at midday only, for example a courtyard.
The most difficult aspect in the garden is one that gets morning shade and afternoon sun – treat this as FULL SUN for all intents and purposes as shade lovers will roast in the afternoon sun, especially if close to a wall.