Sun and shade loving plants


Gardens invariably have areas of light, partial and dense shade. It is very important to ensure your plants have the right conditions in your garden in order to thrive. Some plants are quite adaptable to a wide range of conditions; others are very specific in their requirements.

Use this sun and shade loving plants guide to help you choose the perfect plants for your garden. All of our nursery products have their sun/shade requirements listed under the “Additional Information” section. If you need any further assistance or more information please do not hesitate to call us or send an email. Our experts are ready to assist you in choosing the perfect plants for even the most challenging garden areas.


sun_logoSUNNY SPOTS AND SUN LOVERS: Plants, which have a full sun requirement, means exactly that! If these plants get too much shade and not enough sun, they will perform poorly. They usually grow leggy, have weak stems, flop over and will flower poorly. Sun lovers need at least 6-8 hours of direct sun each day.

sun__cloud_logoLIGHT SHADE: It occurs under large open-branched trees and consists of areas that receive soft, dappled shade for most of the day. There is no direct sunshine, but plenty of light. This is the easiest of the shady areas to garden.


sun__cloud_logoSEMI-SHADE or PARTIAL SHADE: These are defined as those areas of the garden which receive some sun and some shade during the day. This is easy if the plants get morning sun and afternoon shade. Less easy is a spot in the garden that receives a patch of sun at midday only, for example a courtyard.
The most difficult aspect in the garden is one that gets morning shade and afternoon sun – treat this as FULL SUN for all intents and purposes as shade lovers will roast in the afternoon sun, especially if close to a wall.

cloud_logoDENSE SHADE: Very little will grow in dense, dark shade. A canopy of evergreen foliage usually causes dense shade. If you want to colour in such areas, you will have to have some of the tree’s branches removed professionally in order to allow more light into the area.