Poppies – Iceland

per tray – 128 plants

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Iceland poppies have glistening, translucent flowers, which are lightly fragrant. Their petals look like tissue paper or crinkled silk which form bowl shaped flowers in exquisite shades of yellow, orange, pink and delicate pastel colours. Poppies create a lavish display from mid winter to late spring and are much loved by bees.

Sun and Shade


Colours Available

White, Pink, Yellow, Mixed, Scarlet Red

Additional information

Height: 35 cm and Spacing: 20 cm, Comment: Poppies love to be picked – this should be done as the bud starts to split, revealing the petal colour. Flowers will last longer in a vase if the stems are immersed gently in boiling water for 30 seconds, 128 plants will cover 5 m2.

Plants per tray

128 plants

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