Aquilegia F1 Hybrid

per tray – 24 plants


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Careful hybridising has produced Aquilegias that bear very large flowers over a much longer period, on plants that are robust and vigorous. Remember: Aquilegias need a period of cold weather in order to flower successfully in spring. The wise gardener will therefore plant Aquilegias in autmn. Our F1 Aquilegias on offer this season have come through a period of cold and should flower successfully this spring and summer. However, they will be at their best in their second year. Removing older dead flowers regularly will stop bedding plants from setting seed. This will encourage new growth, branching, more flowers and an extended flowering time, which will also give the bed or border a well maintained appearance.


Height: 45cm, Spread: 35cm

Sun & Shade

Semi-Shade and shade


Dark Blue and White, Lavender and White, Light Blue and White, Burgundy and White, Pink and White, Pure White

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