Impatiens Sun Patiens


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A truly remarkable breakthrough, Sunpatiens will actually grow and thrive in full hot sun! One proviso though, they need to be kept well watered as they will not easily recover if left to flag in the hot sun. They will also grow well in lightly shaded areas or with half day sun, half day shade. The plants are vigorous yet compact, have a strong root system and bear an abundance of large and striking flowers in a vivid colour range, all season long. Beautiful when massed in sunny beds, wonderful in containers and poolside planting.

Sun & Shade



Blush Pink, Deep Rose, Lilac, Orange, White, Coral, Salmon with variegated leaf (spreading variety), Mixed, Salmon Frost, Apple Blossom

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Height: 35-40cm Spread: 25-30cm Note: plants will be more compact if grown in full sun

Plants per tray

24 plants