Prevent trouble before it starts..

Bedding plants like  everything else  in the garden,can be attached by pest and diseases.Things do go wrong ,especially for the inexperienced ,but this is more likely to be due to a cultural or environmental fault. Plants die ,other stands still for weeks after planting out and in some cases the floral display is either disappointing or abnormal short lived . In most cases it is the gardener and not some strange pest and diseases which is to blame.The enemy may be poor soil preparation,careless handling of the seedlings ,lack of water ,too much water, or wrong choice of plants and planting in the wrong place.The golden rules are to try to prevent the trouble before it starts and to deal with it quickly once it is seen,

If there are any problems even when conditions seem to be optimal, seek expert advice. Remember pesticides can be harmful to humans and friendly insects if used incorrectly.