Whites: White on its own has a calming effect and stands out well in the shade. Its main purpose is to bring out the best in other colours.

Blues: Bright blue lifts one’s spirits and marries well with soft pinks, blue mauves, pink mauves, grey and white. Blue and white create a cool, soothing effect. Blues contrast well with yellows and oranges.

Pinks: Pinks are versatile and easy on the eye. Pale pinks are fine with silver leaves and white flowers. Jazzy, strong pinks enliven planting and can be a ‘tonic’ under the hot sun.

Reds: Red flowers startle, excite and impress. They add drama to a garden.

Oranges: Orange should be used with caution as it can look garish when the sun is out.

Yellows: Yellow is a very dominant colour and should also be used with care. It marries well with blue and white.

Mixed: Try not to plant a mixture of one variety beside a mixture of another variety because you will end up with a veritable fruit salad.