Nursery bedding plants for summer and winter

Having started over 33 years ago, Nu-Leaf has prospered and grown to be one of the largest bedding plant nurseries in South Africa. Located on the corner of Peter Road and Beyers Naudé in Honeydew, Nu-Leaf Nursery stocks the largest variety of summer and winter annuals and perennials in Africa.

The quality of our flowers and plants is exceptional as great pride and care is taken in selecting stock for sale. We also offer annual and perennial seedlings that are indigenous to South Africa. In addition, our services include valuable input to landscaping and irrigation for both commercial and residential properties.

We cater for gardens of all sizes. Our trays of 128 plants offer unmatched value and quality. Nu-leaf’s highest quality plants have graced thousands of Gauteng and Pretoria gardens for years, providing garden colour through all four seasons. Our huge range of annuals and perennials lets you plan your growing season, ensuring that there is always colour in your garden. And if your growing space isn’t big enough for 24 pack perennials, for example, no need to worry! We also have a selection of perennials in pots to suit everyone’s needs – perfect for the balcony garden. Although some of these perennials will die down in cold winter gardens, they will emerge again each spring and summer year after year larger and more beautiful than before.

our plants are grown from carefully sourced seed

After the initial sowing and germination process, each tiny seedling is hand-pricked and transplanted to their rigid trays of 24 or 128 plants. From there, they are transferred to one of our hothouses.

The plants are carefully monitored under optimal growing conditions. They are released only when our growing experts are satisfied they match the required quality standards for our customers.

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will help with any questions that you may have. Nu-Leaf Nursery is open 7 days a week, Monday-Friday 08:00 – 16:00 and Weekends from 8:00-13:00.