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Winter & Spring

Winter annuals and perennials

PansyMany would argue that the winter and spring garden is much more exhilarating than the summer garden. Spring blossoms, bulbs, scented jasmine and the new green leaves on the trees and greening up of the grass, are all important to that spring feeling. Yet it is the winter and spring flowering annuals that lift this feeling to new heights.

Pansies are the world’s No.1 – best selling bedding plant and it is easy to see why. Not many plant varieties will have flowers in all three primary colours, plus a multitude of colours and shades in-between, with either pure solid coloured flowers or with contrasting blotches of colour that resemble little ‘faces’. Their tough constitution and their ability to survive the coldest winter weather make Pansies a sure winner in every garden. At our garden centre nursery we cultivate an extensive range of “Designer” mixes.

Viola Lemon Cuty
The cheerful Viola Lemon Cuty.

Primula Acaulis in Bella Basket
Primula Acaulis growing in a Bella Basket available from Nu-Leaf. Perfect for brightening a shady area.