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Summer perennials

Achillea YarrowThe term perennial is derived from Latin and means “through year” (per annus), thus describing a plant that lives for more than two years. Perennials differentiate plants that are shorter lived like annuals and biennials. Perennials have little or no woody growth and this distinguishes them from trees and shrubs which are also technically perennials. Perennials form an essential part of our Nu-Leaf product collection and planted together with our annuals, will enable you to grow spectacular garden beds providing colour to your garden throughout the year, year-after-year!

Flowering perennials that bloom and grow over the spring and summer months and then die back over the colder months, reappearing the following spring from their root-stock are known as herbaceous perennials. Often perennials that are native to a particular area, are treated as the same as an annual in a non-native environment, for example, where they are grown in a colder climate than found in their native habitat. Perennials are more than often the dominant plants found in natural ecosystems, and together with their larger root systems are usually better competitors than annual plants. At Nu-Leaf, virtually all of our perennials will provide endless seasons of new growth in the Highveld environment.

Gazania orangeAt Nu-Leaf we also produce evergreen, or non-herbaceous perennials like our beautiful Bergenias and our intermediate Penstemon varieties which maintain a woody structure in winter. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will assist you with any queries you may have and help you choose the perfect nursery plants for your garden. In addition, as you browse through our summer perennial catalog, there are helpful planting, growing and watering hints for each variety that we produce.


Summer annuals

In the gardening almanac, an annual plant survives for just one growing season. Many food plants for example, are annuals. At Nu-Leaf we focus on summer annual bedding plants that provide gorgeous displays of summer colour in your growing beds. The seed-to-seed life cycles of our summer annuals typically last for several months. We also take great pride in the unbeatable value our summer annuals provide. Tray-for-tray, quantity, quality and price, together with our free delivery service, you won’t find better value anywhere!

Foxglove Camelot MixedAt Nu-Leaf, where it is available, we only use F1 hybrid seeds. F1 stands for Filial 1 which is the first generation of selective growing plants. Hybrid plants refer to a selective breeding of a plant by hand cross pollination from two different parent plants producing spectacular results. This divergence between parent lines also produces plants that are more hardy and vigorous. For example, our new F1 Foxglove Camelot series is a sensational improvement on the older varieties. Also check out our new F1 New Guinea Impatiens varieties – an essential addition to the summer garden.

Our garden nursery, particularly in spring and summer, can only be described as a visual delight; with thousands of our summer annuals and perennials on display under our numerous and enormous greenhouses. It’s a sight not to be missed!


Grasses and ground covers for the garden

Convolvulus MauritanicusGroundcovers are typically used to enhance difficult garden patches and areas of high traffic, in between stepping stones, under trees or embankments. They refer to any plant that grows over an area of ground and in an ecosystem they provide protection from erosion and drought. They are also used to inhibit weed growth.

At Nu-Leaf we produce a variety of these plants, from the lovely mint scented Mentha to our best-selling Ophiopogon; this little dwarf mondo grass with its narrow dark green leaves, and compact habit, is ideal between pavers, or as a labour-free carpet under trees – and it is frost tolerant. Our Convolvulus Mauritanicus produces masses of blue flowers, and is an ideal full sun groundcover that cascades over low walls and rockeries.