1. Water the seedlings thoroughly in their trays, before planting.
  2. Planting is best done during the cool hours of the day.
  3. Dig over the chosen area thoroughly and remove any weeds.
  4. Prepare the area well with compost and add in a handful of organic fertilizer per square meter.
  5. To remove the seedlings from their tray cavities, support the stem with a finger on either side and gently push the plant from the bottom using a stick or a pencil. DO NOT PULL THEM OUT OF THE TRAY BY THEIR STEMS OR LEAVES.
  6. Ensure that the plant is placed in the soil at the same depth as it was in the trays. DO NOT BURY THE STEMS.
  7. Gently firm the soil around the roots to remove air pockets in the soil without compacting the soil too much.
  8. Water well with a fine rose sprayer so that the soil is not washed off the roots.
  9. Foliar feed regularly with any foliar fertilizer for best results.
  10. Deadheading regularly will prolong the flowering period of your seedlings.

If you have problems do not hesitate to phone us and speak to one of our horticulturalists. They should be able to assist you.

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